Michelle Marie Osbourne

“I’ve Always Wanted To Learn Bass Guitar” - eBook & Play-Along Tracks


This ebook tutorial is the perfect guide for those who want to learn the bass guitar. It is filled with fretboard diagrams, fingering tables, bass clef notation and photos to make it simple for you to follow the scale and chord exercises easily. This is the perfect guide for the visual learner.




The book includes:

  1. The anatomy of the bass guitar
  2. Left and Right hand playing techniques
  3. An introduction to music theory
  4. The Major, Natural Minor and Major & Minor Pentatonic scale
  5. Triads and 7th Chords
  6. Appendix of simply chord progressions to practice over
  7. Bundle with Piano accompaniment play-along tracks in all 12 keys for each scale and chord exercise.

This book is also great for any intermediate players that would like to improve on their foundational music theory knowledge.

This product is a downloadable zip file.








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