Michelle Marie Osbourne

Bass Lessons


Michelle Teaches Bass Guitar to people of all ages and levels.


Applicable to beginners only, students will be taken through the make up of a bass guitar. This will also include how to tune and maintain your instrument.

Introduction to Sight Reading –(for beginners only)

Students will be taught all the notes on the stave for both Bass and Treble Clef. Students will also be taught how to identify interval shapes and to identify key signatures and time signatures and basic rhythmic patterns.


Students will be taken through the correct left and right hand techniques and positioning in order to achieve a good sound and feel.Students will also be shown left hand (or fretted hand) fingering techniques to help maximise ability, dexterity and endurance.

Harmony and Theory - Fretboard Work

Students will be shown scales, triads and chords. These will be learned in all different positions across the Fretboard.

Slap Techniques

A variety slap bass concepts and grooves will be taught.

Intervals Training

Students will be taken through the importance of identifying  Intervals across the fretboard and using them to build bass lines and licks and grooves.

Musical Genres and Song Learning

Students will be given the opportunity to choose different styles to play. i.e. Pop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Funk, Rock, Reggae etc. They will also be encouraged to bring any music they would like to learn to play in the lessons.

Commonly Asked Questions

Contact Michelle for a copy of the full Terms & Conditions and available timeslots.

60USD$ for a one hour session.

50GBP£ for a one hour session

Yes, Of course you can. However, there are some fundamentals that I believe every bass player should know. A large part of the lessons will be based on showing you the best and fastest way to improve as a bassist and overall musician. I do tailor each lesson to every individual need and this includes finding out what you want to learn.

Yes. A summary is available for each lesson and can be provided to you upon request.

Yes, children of all ages are welcome to sign up for bass lessons. It may be beneficial to reduce the lesson time however based on the age of your child. Feel free to contact me for alternative lesson times and prices.

The following online payments are accepted. 

Cashapp (preferred)

Zelle Quickpay